Classic Cuff Bracelet


This cuff was torch fired to create comfortable balls on the ends, so it's easy to slip on and off the wrist. It has a hammered finish. Carefully squeeze it or pull the ends apart to achieve your perfect fit.

Details: Sterling silver.

Sizing: Cuffs are meant to leave 1/2" - 1" space between the ends and leave a little wiggle room for movement. Hold a flexible measuring tape snug against your skin and measure the slimmest part of your wrist. Add 1/2 inch to your result to find your perfect fit. For example, if your wrist measures 6.5" then your perfect fit is a 7" cuff. If your wrist measures 6.25" then I recommend sizing up to 7". If you like a little extra movement in your bracelets then choose a size up to 1.5" larger than your wrist circumference.
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