Welcome to the Studio + Photog Announcement

The debut of my studio website corresponds with my upcoming photography showing at Philz Coffee in Cupertino. I've curated my photo selection and designed a layout for the display, but there's still much to do. Today I stopped by the cafe and met the wonderful Angelina, whom I've been corresponding with by email. She graciously put up with all the questions I hurled at her and - bonus! - let me in on the offer for coffee on the house for their artists. I walked away with a delicious Iced Mint Mojito and a new list of micro tasks to get up and running.

I'm going to need some hardware to hang my matted photos. Philz has a new method of displaying artwork, which is going to work great with the layout I have prepared, but also requires hooks. I also noticed that another artist had taped a QR code to the wall. How would I go about getting one of those?

The layout I chose for my online studio includes an art gallery and a store for my handcrafted jewelry brand Bone + Lava. At this time, I don't plan to post my photography for sale in my store because I don't want to muddle the two projects. If you would like to get a hold of a print, I am prepared to make that happen if you would please hit the "Contact" button to your left and let me know which photograph interests you and what size you are thinking about. Non-serious and serious inquiries alike are welcomed.

"Where did you say to get my coffee?"
Got it.