Quiz: What Is Your Personal Jewelry Style?

The goal of this fun, short quiz is to help you get in touch with your personal jewelry style. When you're cultivating a signature style, jewelry is the finishing touch that seals the deal. These questions are designed to help you develop a cohesive style that you'll love to wear every day.


1. In your personal time, you can be found...
a. blowing off steam at a rock concert
b. reading historical fiction novels
c. participating in a poetry circle
d. browsing the farmer's market

2. You feel the most at home...
a. attending a political protest
b. surrounded by like-minded individuals at a live music event
c. on the road to a grand adventure
d. after decluttering and donating to the less fortunate

3. Your favorite band was influenced by...
a. The Clash
b. The Cure
c. Bob Dylan
d. The Beatles

4. When it comes to politics...
a. the establishment can lick your boots
b. you have been known to cast spells on political rivals
c. love is the answer
d. you try to limit the amount of media you consume

5. It's not graffiti, it's...
a. anarchy, baby
b. a sigil
c. street art
d. visual clutter

6. Your favorite stone is...
a. spinel because it looks good with leather
b. garnet because of your love for Victorian mourning jewelry
c. amethyst because it protects you from negative energy
d. moonstone because it uplifts you... and it goes with everything

7. Jewelry should be...
a. expressive
b. glamorous
c. meaningful
d. timeless

8. You would wear ___ every day if it wasn't frowned upon in the workplace.
a. a nose ring
b. a corset top
c. no bra
d. the same outfit

9. Your favorite bloggers wear...
a. black, white and red
b. a lot of black
c. a lot of color
d. a lot of white

10. You can be found browsing the ___ tag on Instagram.
a. #riotgrrrl
b. #odditiesandcuriosities
c. #positivevibes
d. #seekthesimplicity

Answer Key

For each question:
a. 4 points
b. 3 points
c. 2 points
d. 1 point

Add up your points according to your answers and then find the resulting value below to discover your personal jewelry style.

37+ Points: Punk

Music means the world to you, and your fashion icons include Debbie Harry, Poly Styrene and Joan Jett. You may also be drawn to this style to express political sentiments and to rebel from the status quo. You love studded jackets, so it's only fitting you would wear studded jewelry. Punk motifs include studs, spikes, skulls, and provocative wordings. Your jewelry style is dominated by silver. Don't be afraid to go big, whether it's a chunky chain or a wide hoop.

33 - 36 Points: Grunge

Music is a meaningful part of your life and has gotten you through hard times. You express yourself through layering and oversized clothing styles and a laid back attitude. Your style is pretty low maintenance so you want jewelry that doesn't make you try too hard. 90's styles are back in for 2020 so this is a great time to grab up those nostalgic 3/4 hoops and choker necklaces. Silver and black colors are the way to go. You rock.

28 - 32 Points: Goth

You're deeply in love with the romance and drama of Victorian gothic style. From 1837 - 1880, the Victorian era of jewelry brought us elaborate goldsmithing, stunning black gemstone designs and skull motifs. The style was named after Queen Victoria, whose mourning of the late Prince Albert spurred many of these popular jewelry themes. For your jewelry, look for elaborate details, garnets, black gemstones and skulls or skeletons.

24 - 27 Points: Witch

A modern witch is in touch with her inner power as a woman. She wears talismans that remind her of what's close to her heart. She may choose gemstones that cultivate the things she needs each day, such as amethyst for cleansing or garnet for protection. A witch's wardrobe is highly personal, so choose your jewelry pieces based on what you need in life. Simple gemstone pieces, celestial motifs, animals and skulls are all magical choices.

19 - 23 Points: Bohemian

It's all about length and drape for the bohemian at heart. Whether it's your natural hair, your maxi dresses or your dangle earrings, your free form style benefits from long and flowy statements. Florence Welch is your style icon. Don't be afraid to mix and match colors and patterns. Long, dangling gemstone earrings and layered necklaces with pretty beads will punctuate this breezy, feminine look.

15 - 18 Points: Art Girl

People think you're eccentric, and you like that. When it comes to fashion, you go for bright colors and fun prints. You're interested in ethical fashion so you support small businesses and often shop secondhand. For your jewelry, go for unexpected shapes and brightly colored gemstones. Fun details that show the unique, handmade nature of your jewelry pieces will pull this look together. Keep on saving the world, art girl!

<15 Points: Minimalist

In the modern times of over consumption and over stimulation, you aim to go against the grain. You think hard about your purchasing choices and try to choose pieces that you'll be able to continue to wear for a long time. Classic designs take longer to go out of style, so your fashion choices are pared down, understated and elegant. Your best jewelry is high quality and versatile. Choose quality basics with details you love that will keep you inspired.