Pop Culture References + Gen Y Commiserating

Lately it feels that as the weather ripens, every day I am sinking further into spring like a memory foam mattress after a long day. I've missed out on this experience for the last five years, spending my springs in Seattle where it kind of goes from deep, dark winter to cherry blossoms are blooming but I still need a sweater to everybody is sleeping in the quad between classes because, hallelujah, the prodigal sun returns! But here in California, the sky is blue in April. The birds are chirping, baby bunnies are eating our lawn, and I'm planting tomatoes and basil because I want to grow myself a caprese salad. Cin-cin!


I stepped out today to introduce myself and my brand to two retail stores I've scoped out as potential wholesale partners. I only need one to work out for the capacity I have as a one-woman show, so I'm being choosy. Neither store had a manager working - it is Sunday, go figure - but I was able to speak with a couple of lovely associates who took my information to pass along to the right person. I had a particularly cheerful conversation with a woman at Paperwhirl, which makes me hopeful. Their store carries a selection of jewelry that is largely made by Northern Californian designers, so I think there's an opportunity there. I aim to get in touch with the buyers at these two stores within the week, and from there I'll repeat these steps each week until things line up with the right store.


Last week at an Easter party in Mountain View I met a psychology student named Jess who told me she thinks everyone should have a side hustle. I totally agree. I think it is incredibly healthy to have a project you can nurture and mold into a source of pride and income in equal measure. The career world can be unkind to us entry-level folk, and most of us do not get to have the kind of day job that uses our full capacity of creativity and responsibility as an early twenty-something.

In the same conversation, we were talking about our dream jobs, and I recalled the episode of That 70's Show where this happens:

Midge: Gosh, darn it, I want a job.
Kitty: You know, Midge, having a job is not all it's cracked up to be. Working at the hospital is very hard work.
Midge: But I don't want one of those jobs. I want a fun job.
Kitty: Okay, even with a fun job, you still have to deal with your boss.
Midge: You're right. I'll get a job as a boss.
Kitty: Now, that is a sharp plan, Midge. You let me know how that goes.

source: Giphy.com

"That's me for real, though," I told her. "I want to be a boss!"