Necklace Length Guide

Getting to know different necklace sizes helps with layering to build the perfect necklace stack. If you're looking for an amazing necklace to go with a special outfit, you'll want to ensure that your choice suits the height of the neckline of your top. Here's an easy guide with pictures so you can select the best chain length that's right for you.

Short Necklaces (14 - 16 Inches)

circle necklace and agatepng
The Circle Necklace at 14" length and agate bar necklace at 16" length.

The shortest necklace length you can usually find is 14 inches. Most people call this choker length, but some retailers refer to necklaces up to 16 inches as choker length. If you want a true choker fit, you should choose an adjustable style that accommodates your exact measurements. Most Bone + Lava necklace chains are wide enough to hold the clasp, so you can clasp your necklace at the perfect length for your look. The exceptions in my store are curb chains and satellite chains, which are too tightly linked to hold a clasp.

I personally love the 16 inch necklace length because it hits just below the collarbone on many people, drawing attention to the bone structure. I also love that it accommodates most necklines on my clothes. 16 inches is considered a short necklace.

Standard Length Necklaces (18 Inches)

bar necklace model 2png
Bar Necklace with Crystal Quartz at 18" length.

A standard necklace length is 18 inches, which is long enough to reach beneath a crew neck tee shirt but short enough to lay against the skin when paired with many v neck cuts. Sometimes the 18 inch length is called princess length. Depending on your stature, the standard necklace length may hit you a little higher or lower. Many of your necklaces at home are likely to be the standard 18 inches.

Long Necklaces (20+ Inches)

satellite chain u necklace and moonpng
The Crescent Moon necklace is shown extended to 20" length and layered with the Crystal Quartz U Necklace at 18" and Satellite Chain Choker at 14".

A 20 inch length is considered a long necklace and works perfectly as the longest piece of a layering look. If you want the look of swinging beads that reach your waistline, look for a length of 28 inches or more. A 20 or 24 inch length is sometimes referred to matinee length, while 28 to 34 inches is called opera length. At these lengths, the effect will vary based on your stature. Necklaces draw the eye to the end of the length, so if you want to draw the eye to the smallest part of your waist, you can choose a length that ends right there. A measuring tape can help you find your perfect length at home!

At Bone + Lava, I like to make things easy, so I categorize all my necklaces as short, standard or long. Filter by category in the catalog to find the right length. You can also find the exact length of each necklace in the product description. Most necklaces now come with a two inch extension, which will also be noted if included on the necklace you're viewing.