8 Comfy and Cozy Spring 2020 Outfits with Gitane of Los Altos

Historically, in times of prosperity, style trends tend to become minimalistic, with subdued color palettes. Then, when things get dicey, people want to wear cheery clothes and indulge in little luxuries that still fit in the budget. With brick and mortar stores closed, this season is many small business' first foray into online retail. That's why I decided to partner with an awesome local bay area business to show off some amazing, high quality pieces that you can usually only get in store. For this special project, Shashi from Gitane of Los Altos was my perfect partner to create cheery, comfy looks for spring 2020.

Gitane is a local bay area business that sells ethereal, bohemian styles at an affordable price point. Shashi started her business to celebrate freedom of style for every woman. Her favorite part of running Gitane is the connections she makes with her customers. "The moment it stops being fun, that's it," she says with a smile.

Shashi has a knack for getting to know each customer's unique sense of style. Being a regular customer at Gitane is like getting a personal shopping experience with your best friend. Shashi will take you right to the new arrivals that suit your personal style. Shashi and I scoured the racks for the perfect cozy-but-cute outfits that welcome you into spring, even if you're stuck at home. For reference, I wear size medium on top and large or 30 on bottom. Check out how we styled our picks to #stayhome this spring.

Outfit #1 - A Walk In the Sunshine


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Nothing feels better than absorbing some much needed vitamin D after a gloomy winter and time spent indoors. I paired this floral print sundress with my trusty Dr. Marten's Jadon boots. There's something about the contrast between a delicate dress and chunky shoes. I jazzed up this springtime look with lots of dainty silver jewelry. I went for my classic circle necklace and peach moonstone, plus a couple of pieces that you can't get online yet. Contact me for more information about my iolite chandelier earrings and this one-of-a-kind sapphire bracelet.

Outfit #2 - All Bundled Up

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These picks have a loose fit so you can bundle up with them and watch your favorite movie. I also love this for a nighttime walk to get the blood flowing. Simple disk studs compliment a slouchy beanie with no effort. Get this beanie from Gitane in grey, orange or green. These brown corduroy pants have all the 70's vibes. And I have to say all the good things about the softest sweater ever. I would have guessed this pullover was three times the price, but you can get it for just $68. For a little extra something, I topped this off with a Victorian-inspired statement necklace made of black spinel and a stunning coin pearl. Contact me for details on this exclusive piece. I was feeling so cozy in this outfit.

Outfit #3 - Working from Home

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I went for contrast again with an oh-so-cozy V neck sweater and versatile, vegan leather leggings. A lot of us are living in leggings these last few weeks, so this pick is here to give you that same level of comfort but a dressier vibe. I love this sweater because it has a V neck in the back, too, so it's perfect to pair with backdrop necklaces such as my black spinel + tourmaline necklace, pictured here. I also went for my favorite skull studs and a chunky curb chain because I was feeling the leather vibe. My boyfriend tried to convince me to buy this backpack, but I left it in the store for you!

Outfit #4 - Brewing Something Sweet

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Staying home offers an opportunity to get away from the madness. A lot of us are remembering our old hobbies and getting back in touch with parts of ourselves that haven't gotten enough attention over the years. It's a great time to be silly, to try new things and to be a maker. This witchy dress reminded me of my crescent moon necklace, so I had to see them together. I love how the crescent moon layers with the crystal quartz U necklace and some simple hoop earrings. Whether you're brewing potions or herbal tea, it's a little more fun with these witchy sleeves. I wore them with my own boots (thrifted).

Outfit #5 - Family Game Night

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The new Animal Crossing is out, so if your life wasn't already 100% occupied by Stardew Valley then you're probably picking up a nightly gaming habit now. Gaming is one of my ultimate favorite ways to socialize while stuck at home. This look is extremely versatile, but it made me think of games because of the playful vibe of tie dye and the vest. Tee shirts are going to be essential during our time at home so make sure you pick up a couple of new ones to stay fresh. There's nothing worse than the negative spiral of self talk that starts when you pull on the same stained tee shirt and sweatpants for the second day in a row. With a tee shirt, you'll want to choose a necklace that's either choker length or long enough that the pendant can't get lost beneath the neckline. I went for this obsidian choker that's totally fun but also delicate.

Outfit #6 - Coffee and a Good Book

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This wine-colored maxi shirt makes me wish I had a garden swing. Can you imagine slipping into this flowy outfit to lounge in the garden with your favorite book? If you're fortunate enough to have a decent outdoor space in your private property then do the rest of us a favor and make the most of it! I would adore this outfit on a crisp spring morning on a balcony with a hot coffee and Circe by Madeline Miller. The purple agate pops next to the muted blush tone of this top, and delicate silver jewels take it up a notch.

Outfit #7 - Zoom Hangout with the Girls

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I've been seeing more and more memes about dressing up your top half for video calls. It sounds like a lot of people are in need of some legitimately comfortable pants! I went for these stretchy ripped jeans because I always keep a similar pair in my closet for a no-brainer. When this outfit came together I was transformed with a whole new attitude. A high quality, comfortable leather jacket is a shortcut to instant confidence, and I always look for silver details to match my favorite jewelry. Geometric jewelry compliments this type of look, so I chose the hoop threaders, disk choker and a basic cuff bracelet. Any of my necklaces on a cable chain is a great choice for high neck tops because you can clasp them on any link in the chain, making them infinitely adjustable.

Outfit #8 - Candlelit Dinner

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For my last pick, I had to go for this magical high-low dress. How does it manage to look dressy while being completely soft and stretchy? For those couples stuck at home, it can be a beautiful mess trying to have "date nights" while quarantined together. I love the idea of dressing to the nines, setting the table with mood lighting and the good dishes. I love the way gold jewelry reflects candlelight, so I matched this stunning lavender pearl and flecked moonstone with a gorgeous beaded purse from Gitane.

I had a lot of fun collaborating with Shashi to mix and match these amazing Gitane pieces with some Bone + Lava favorites and new arrivals. Santa Clara County was one of the first hot spots in the country with rapidly increasing cases of the novel coronavirus. After four weeks of processing all the upheaval, I'm ready to patch together a new normal, and that includes dressing to feel like myself again. Thank you for sharing a bit of my joy in the little things while we adjust to the big things.

If you're in love with any of these pieces, please email Shashi at shashi@gitaneoflosaltos.com or call her at (650) 949-2499. You can also find Gitane on Facebook here and Instagram here. She is shipping anywhere in the US, so this is a rare chance to support a small, local, woman-owned business from out of town. If you want to order from Gitane and Bone + Lava, we will do combined shipping for you if you contact us before placing your order. We are so grateful for your support as small business owners and are excited to continue lifting each other up as we navigate a rocky economic landscape. Whether you are able to make a purchase or take a moment to share this on social media, it means the world to us. Thank you for shopping small!

Do you have a small business? Let's connect! Contact me via my website or email hello@boneandlava.com.